Greeting’s everyone, our names are Crystal and Karen and we are the creators of The Soap Lounge™, a handcrafted soap, hair care and skincare product line. We have been producing handcrafted products for about 10 years. .  I previously worked as a cosmetic bench chemist, and realized that I could make my own amazing products from home, the High Desert Blendz product line was created. My daughter Crystal picked up the art of soap making, her strides toward a chemical free life style began when she had an allergic reaction that caused skin issues. With this she started researching how to make her own natural chemical free products, in turn she created her own line Xeila Dawn Soaps. With the combined knowledge of the two of us, we decided to merge and create our own company The Soap Lounge™, after our wonderful clientele brought us major success in our local communities.  Our education has been extensive to stay current with the trends so we can create the latest products for every age group.

The inspiration for our products came from years of using store bought products full of ingredients that even we couldn’t pronounce, leaving our skin either dry and flaky, or oily to the point of breakout. We wanted our products to combat the many problems arising from the over use of chemical products, and the effects of harsh environmental climates. Our mission is to provide our customers with the finest quality, high-performing, and nourishing products that will leave your skin feeling healthy and nourished.

The Soap Lounge™ name came from Crystal’s daughter Madison.  Crystal put a small sofa in her “soap room” for her children to sit on while she worked. One day Madison exclaimed this was now “a soap lounge” and voila, The Soap Lounge™ was born!